Wednesday 1 September 2010

eee pc bootmgr is missing

ok, so along with a lot of the people that buy an eee pc, i tried to install a different operating system on bringing it home. having only put the bootable usb in once and tried to boot, everytime after, i received the "bootmgr is missing" ctrl alt delete to restart message, and then just went round in circles from there..

having googled forthe remedy for a while, most answers talk about how to make the bootable usb, setting the boot priority in your biosand having a usb stick less than 8gb, i found the solution to be reboot, and keep hitting F9!

this will make the asus recovery tool kick in, and from there you can hit recover and off you go.. once this is done and the operating system is fully installed, you can then install the different operating system..

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